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Phoenix Area Sod Lawns being taken over by Spurge

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Sod in Arizona is fighting spurge

Over the summer many lawns in the Phoenix area can develop weeds, particularly Spurge. You might recognize this weed as close to the ground, dark in color with some forms having hairy or purple-red spotted leaves and red stems. Spurge can grow in a circular shape and create a dense mat of weeds (see image to the right). As you prepare your winter lawn we want to help you get rid of these pesky weeds.

Spurge is the most common turfgrass weed in the US, and Arizona in particular due to the heat. Spurge primarily grows in the summer, but it can grow well into the fall. It is easy for this weed to grow in Arizona sod in the fall since the weather remains warm here.

Your first reaction to kill this weed would be to spray it, but we advise against doing so. If you are planning to overseed your lawn, applying weed killing chemicals could slow down the growth of your new lawn. We recommend pulling the weed up with your hands, roots and all. This method of removing Spurge weeds is better for your lawn if you are preparing it for overseeding and in general, since it isn’t as harmful to your lawn.

If your lawn in Phoenix did grow Spurge this year we hope that you were able to pull it out before any real damage was done to your winter lawn. If you feel like your lawn is already a total loss you can always order fresh sod from our Arizona sod farm, already overseeded. In any case we want to help you prevent weeds from ruining all of your hard work in maintaining your sod in the Phoenix area, as it can be a struggle given our environment. The best weed prevention is a healthy lawn!

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Best Grasses for Arizona Lawns

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

There are many Arizona sod varieties to choose from when it comes to picking out the best grass for your Arizona lawn. As one of Arizona’s premier sod farm producers, we went ahead and compiled a list of top features of residential Arizona sod varieties to help you choose which sod is best for your lawn. Keep in mind all of these are great choices for the Arizona climate, which one is best for your lifestyle.

TifGrand is the newest Arizona sod variety to hit the market and is an excellent choice for those Arizona grassy lawns that have a lot of shade coverage. TifGrand is specifically designed to grow in shaded areas (4+ hours of sun).

Midiron is the best grass for Arizona lawns when it comes to transitioning in the winter. It is known to recover quickly from over-seeding which is great if you love having a lush lawn in the winter. If you enjoy entertaining outside during Arizona’s mild winter or refreshing spring than Midiron just might be the Arizona sod variety for you. It handles high traffic areas well, is easy to maintain and is both heat and drought tolerant.

Palmetto St. Augustine is the second best shade tolerant grass for Arizona lawns. This Arizona sod variety is one of our top choices for lawns with shade coverage. People are attracted to this variety not only for it’s shade tolerance, but also for it’s unique texture. The Palmetto St. Augustine is a lighter colored Arizona sod variety with a wider blade. This is a great choice of sod for your Phoenix area residence if you have shade coverage on your lawn, and kids that like to play in the grass.

Any of these are great grasses for Arizona lawns. When selecting your sod variety, consider your lawn surroundings, your lifestyle (kids or pets) and how often you want to mow it and how many hours you want to spend maintaining it. Remember that these are just a few of the Arizona sod varieties that Evergreen Turf offers, if you need help selecting a sod variety for your life and home use our easy “Lawn Selector Tool.”

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