Super Bowl 46 Had Same Result as Super Bowl 42

If you read our earlier blog post about the 2012 Super Bowl feeling like déjà vu from the 2008 Super Bowl played on our local sod field at Arizona Cardinal’s stadium, then you know that we don’t want to say we told you so, but we had a feeling this years result might happen.Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis

While Patriots fans certainly are not feeling good about Super Bowl XLVI (46), they did fight hard until the end trying to win this years game. In the end the Giants took home the win, from the Patriots one more time at a Super Bowl with the score ending in 21 – 17. We also hear that Indiana did a great job at hosting this year’s game and events that come along with it; so at least the fans, from both teams, were able to have a good time before the game – as only the Giants fans were celebrating after the game.

In just a few years the Super Bowl will be back in Arizona and we at Evergreen Turf look forward to conditioning our locally grown Arizona sod for the University of Phoenix Stadium to host the game. Considering the match up of the Patriots and the Giants started in Arizona maybe they will be playing here again come the 2015 Super Bowl. They say third times a charm so maybe both the Patriots and the Giants will make it back to Arizona and the Patriots could take the win.

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