Landscaping with your Hardscapes

What is a hardscape? A hardscape is anything in your back or front yard that is not a plant. Built-in planters, boulders, fire pits and swimming pools are all examples of hardscapes. These features of your Arizona sod lawn can help you to define your outdoor space for maximum use.

Think of your sod lawn as a room in your house. The hardscapes are like pieces of furniture. Border your walkways and separate the different planting zones with edging to create eye-catching definition. Consider utilizing boulders or stone formations as design anchors. This will give your yard a visually appealing balance to it. If you don’t like how boulders look in your backyard, the same affect can be reached with decorative pots and statues.

Lawn Design Backyard Landscape
(photo by Eustauio Santimano)                            (photo by Uriah Welcome)

Just like a room in your house, you want a place in your yard for people to sit and talk to each other. It’s simple to create social areas around your plants and sod in Phoenix because of the year-long sunshine in Arizona. Outdoor seats, trellises or awnings work great for this. For places that receive more rainfall than Arizona, choose permeable surfaces for your outdoor furniture. This will allow water and air to pass through the furniture, keeping it fresh for your guests.

Most people don’t enjoy sitting in the dark and chatting to their friends, so you are going to need to accent your outside area with some lighting. Choose lights that set the mood, yet still offer enough light to see who is sitting across from you. Also consider lining your walkways with lights if you have not done so already.

In the winter months when plants are scarce, change up some of your hardscapes to make your landscape more inviting. A fire pit can be a nice form of entertainment on a crisp winter night at home. Be creative and choose items that are attractive as well as useful for you and your yard.

If you’re currently trying to sell your home, these tips can definitely help attract potential buyers to your property. Consider placing a water fountain in your front yard to entice these buyers through your front door. The sound of water helps to cover any noise from street traffic and is very appealing to home-buyers.

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