Arizona Sod and Lawn Maintenance Tips

When you live in Arizona, sod and lawn maintenance tasks vary through out the year depending on the season. However, Evergreen Turf has a few tips you can use all year long to improve the overall health of your desert landscape.

First, adjust your sprinkler heads so that they only hit your sod lawn and other plants that need watering. To ensure best results, make sure the sprinklers are not hitting any walls, driveways or sidewalks. Additionally, use the most efficient types of nozzles and irrigation clocks. You can find nozzles which use the most recent, water-saving technology at your local hardware store.

You want to check on your sprinkler system every week for broken or missing sprinklers. Replace any parts immediately to prevent issues such as flooding. When placing your sprinkler heads in your lawn, try to lay them out so that the spray of one sprinkler reaches the head of the sprinkler closest to it. This is known as “head-to-head” coverage. Once the sprinklers are in position, double-check for grass blocking the spray. Also, level all sprinkler heads to prevent tripping hazards.

Assess the different areas of your lawn and adjust watering times according to exposure, shade and sprinkler output. For areas of your Arizona turf lawn that are shaded, you will want to use about 30 percent less water than sunny areas.

When watering your sod in Arizona, you don’t want to have much run off. Take notice of when the water begins to leave your property. If you find you do have a lot of run off, adjust your irrigation clock.

For example, say you run your sprinklers for 12 minutes a day all at once. Instead, set your irrigation clock to cycle between two and four times a day for no longer than five minutes, one to two hours apart. This will give your lawn sufficient time to fully absorb the water, eliminating run off.

For trees and shrubs on your property, consider using a drip irrigation system. Running drip irrigation less frequently is much healthier for your plants than daily watering. Check the drip line once a month for breaks. Also, check the emitters for clogged or broken heads and replace as needed.

During this lawn maintenance process, make sure you are complying with all mandatory watering restrictions for your city. For Arizona, you can find this information at the web site

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