How to Hire a Landscaper

Once Evergreen Turf has helped you install your new Arizona sod lawn, you may find yourself thinking – how do I maintain my new lawn?

For some, maintaining the lawn is an exciting and interesting past time. However, not everyone shares this sentiment. If you are looking to hire a qualified landscape contractor to help you maintain your yard, here are some tips to take with you to ensure you find a legitimate contractor.

The person or company you end up hiring for the job should definitely hold both city and county business licenses as well as be completely insured and bonded. They should be able to provide you with references that have samples of their work. Additionally, your contractor should be knowledgeable about local watering ordinances and proper horticulture in a desert environment.

Being prepared with a maintenance proposal for your contractor is important. This should include a schedule of maintenance work you would like to be done as well as the types of chemicals and nutrients you want used on your lawn.

Then, the contractor should give you their pricing estimate. Included in the estimate should be specific monthly charges including everything from maintenance and fertilization to repairs and replacements of plant materials. Additionally, they should include how often the service will be provided which is generally given in days per month. Make sure they provide you with a detailed schedule of all maintenance to be performed.

Your contractor should be providing you with all your lawn care needs. This means sticking to your landscape maintenance program as well as your irrigation maintenance program. Maintaining your irrigation system is just as important as tending to your sod grass lawn, so make sure your contractor regularly checks for broken sprinkler heads and maintains drip irrigation components. Developing proper irrigation schedules based on weather conditions is important to consider also. Being aware of all these elements will help to conserve water and improve the health of your lawn.

If you feel your contractor is not tending to everything up to your standards, address the issue directly and plan a solution with them. If many issues arise with your contractor, consider finding another one who knows how to do the job right.

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