How to Design your own Landscape

Designing your own yard can be fun but takes a lot of planning. Doing everything from choosing the best type of sod, setting up your irrigation system and following landscaping requirements can seem overwhelming at first. However, there are some guidelines and resources you can use to ensure the process of landscaping your Arizona sod lawn goes smoothly.

Evergreen Turf, Arizona’s premier sod farm offers many tools and resources on its website to guide you through the exciting journey of creating your lawn. The lawn selector tool takes you through a series of questions to help determine which type of sod is best for where you live.

It’s important to go with an Arizona sod farm if you live in the area as compared to ordering from an out-of-state farm. This is because sod in Arizona will grow much differently from sod in other states.

Additionally you can find information on how to measure your yard and how to install your Arizona sod. In the lawn care section of its site you will find a frequently asked questions page as well as helpful information on a wide variety of topics from mowing and irrigation schedules to weed and insect control. Visit

As a starting point, decide on your landscaping budget. Next, check with your Homeowners Association for landscaping requirements and/or restrictions. Create a timeline in which the planting and installation process is finished in time to make the most of each season. It is important to consider blooming seasons also when creating your timeline.

You’ll also want to know about zones. Plants are grouped together into hydrozones based on similar watering and sunlight needs. There are three hydrozones; mini-oasis zone, transition zone and arid zone.

To get an idea of the types of grass and plants you may want to use in your yard, take photos of the different plants that catch your eye. Then do some research on those plants to find out about price and availability. If you are on a smaller budget, buy smaller plants to save money.

When it comes time to layout the design of your lawn, create focal points for each part of your property. Place trees first as base points and work your way outward. Be aware of the amount of room the trees will need for root growth.

Finally, plan your irrigation system for several years in advance, taking into consideration future plant growth and water needs.

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