Super Bowl 46: Will It Be a Repeat of Super Bowl 42?

Seems like Super Bowl history might be repeating itself this year, only thing that’s different as of yet is the field the game will be played on. Super Bowl XLVI (46) will be the New York Giants vs. the New England Patriots, and it’s not the first time for these teams to come head to head at the Super Bowl. Just three years ago these same teams battled at University of Phoenix Stadium home to the Arizona Cardinals. After a hard fought battle on one of the top NFL fields, the New York Giants took the win for Super Bowl XLII (42).

This year Super Bowl XLVI (46) will be played in Indianapolis on the Colts field, where the Giants and the Patriots will be battling head to head, yet once again. Considering the history between these two teams it seems like the Patriots will have a lot of vengeance while playing the Giants. Not to mention that the season that these two teams competed, the Patriots were undefeated until the Super Bowl - one can only predict how heated this game will get.

No matter what team you are going for Super Bowl is a great event to watch as a football fan. There is also all of the feasting on tasty foods, cold beer and entertaining commercials to be watched. Good luck to the Giants and the Patriots!

In just another few years Arizona will be hosting the Super Bowl again, maybe these two teams will come back again or better yet our Arizona Cardinals would be playing on their Evergreen Turf-supplied home turf.

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