Super Bowl Sod – Lawn Care for Champions

Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for making it to the Super Bowl! As a proud partner of the Arizona Cardinals, Evergreen Turf, the premier Arizona sod farm, salutes the team for playing an incredible game and making history!

To honor their accomplishment, we liked to offer lawn care tips to help you create an Arizona sod lawn for champions. Whether you wish to sod a small play area for the family or an entire golf course, Evergreen Turf can help you make it happen.

To keep your lawn looking its best year round there are several areas that need attention; irrigation, mowing, nutrition and fertilization, weed and pest control. In this article we focus on the first three … moisture, manicure and diet.

Irrigation and Moisture Retention for Arizona Sod– when it comes to irrigation in the Arizona desert, having the proper amount of moisture is essential to maintaining your super sod lawn. We advise watering in the morning or evening when the least amount of evaporation loss occurs – midday to late afternoon watering will not be nearly as effective as the suns heat will evaporate a lot of the water before it can penetrate the soil and lock in the moisture. The caveat to this tip is during the establishment of new sod or when over-seeding with winter grass.

Mowing and Manicuring your Lawn – you’ll know when your sod moisture is balanced when the growth of your grass steadies to an even pace. We suggest mowing following the rule of thumb, “never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf”. If you don’t want to mow often, keep your mowing height up and your fertility down. This will produce a lawn that grows slower and requires less maintenance. If you want a highly manicured look, mow it lower, fertilize it frequently, and mow it frequently.

Nutrition and Fertilization/Diet – sod is no different than the majority of living things … it requires appropriate nourishment on a consistent basis. We believe a healthy lawn begins with a healthy soil. Be careful not to over-fertilize, as this can cause excess growth and thatch build-up or under-fertilizer, leaving your lawn thin, yellow, and slow to recover from wear.

Slow release fertilizers “spoon-feed” the nutrients slowly into the soil so that your turf does not get too much nutrient at one time, and allows your turf to maintain good color while slowing down the growth.

For advanced tips and additional information about creating and maintaining your lawn of champions, please visit

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