Spring Is In The Air: Is it time to install Sod in your Arizona lawn?

Your lawn is a great place to create memories with family and friends. It’s that time of year again when temperatures begin to rise and the sun shines a little bit longer each day. Wild flowers start to sprout from the ground and butterflies can be seen drifting in and out of backyards. Choosing the best type of grass and making a beautiful green sod lawn enriches your life while improving the surrounding community. Spending a little bit of time to put together an eye-catching lawn can bring peacefulness and inspiration to the neighborhood and passers-by.

Trying to grow grass when starting from scratch can be challenging, tedious and time consuming. A great way to gain a jump-start on having your own lawn is by letting a professional install sod in Arizona. Evergreen Turf is a well-respected company based in Phoenix that specializes in sod installation. They help you decide which type of grass is right for you while explaining their selection of sod prices. People have discovered one benefit of having a lawn is that sod in Arizona helps to keeps the outside temperature about 15-20 degrees cooler than if there were no lawn at all. And when Phoenix reaches 115 degrees in July, every little bit counts!

Water conservation is important to keep in mind when you have an Arizona sod lawn. Installing healthy Arizona sod instead of seeding your lawn will save water in the long run since you will not have to constantly water the seeds and wait for them to sprout. If you have a large back or front yard area to cover, you may want to consider only laying sod in certain areas rather than the entire lawn space. Adjust your sprinkler heads so that only the areas that need water receive it.

For the areas of your lawn that do not have sod, planting xerophytic plants can help with water conservation. Xerophytic organisms such as cacti and bromeliads are able to survive in an environment with little available water or moisture. A variety of desert plants bloom with gorgeous colorful flowers and complement lawns with sod in Arizona quite nicely.

Creating a fun outside atmosphere for your home does not always require large amounts of time or energy. You can find simple ways to conserve water and still have a fresh green grass lawn for entertaining friends and family during the warm spring and summer months.

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