Freshly Cut Grass Relieves Stress

Everyone is familiar with the expression, “Take the time to stop and smell the roses.” As it turns out, you’re better-off stopping to smell the grass. According to a recent study, the smell of freshly cut grass makes people relaxed and happy.

3511610082_8e85616fb3_m The University of Queensland research revealed that the aroma of grass affects parts of the brain that control an individual’s memory and emotions. Not only does the scent help people relax and make them cheerful, but as a result of these two components, it also slows down the decline in mental ability with age.

The research has resulted in the production of a perfume named Serenascent. It’s said to smell like freshly-cut lawn and is meant to help relieve stress and enhance memory. Dr. Nick Lavidis is credited with developing the idea of the perfume.

He reportedly came up with the idea after a 3-day vacation in Yosemite National Park. Dr. Lavidis says just 3 days surrounded by fresh pines and nature had him feeling like he had been on a 3-month holiday. Years later, when his neighbor commented on the wonderful smell of his recently cut lawn, Dr Lavidis says it all started to click into place. His incredibly refreshed state after his brief vacation in Yosemite sparked his curiosity to investigate what specific element in the environment contributed to feelings of relaxation. After seven years of experiments and trials, Serenascent was invented.

Dr Lavidis worked with pharmacologist Professor Rosemary Einstein to create the pleasant aroma. Currently the scent will be marketed to use as a room-freshener, linen-spray and perfume. However in the future, the scent may be incorporated into other products.

So the next time you’re mowing your lawn from Evergreen Turf, take the time to stop and smell the grass.

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